Dr. Lisa Leit

Austin, TX, United States



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Lisa passionately champions the message that relationship health is key to individual and societal well-being.  Her mission is to provide individuals and organizations with a safe, confidential space to relax, reflect, and snap out of unconscious patterns via mindfulness and holistic wellness to overcome obstacles and be more happy, productive, and conscious NOW!

As a life coach and mediator, Lisa uses both her conventional training and holistic integrative techniques, such as hypnotherapy, to help individuals, couples, and teams develop strategies to overcome limitations and achieve goals. As a mediator specializing in family dispute resolution, she offers guidance as people negotiated agreements and reconciled conflicts of interest outside of a courtroom. Lisa’s work is enhanced by over twenty years of education and applied experience in diverse settings.

In addition to in-person workshops and intensives, she works with clients worldwide via phone and Skype. Click here to learn more. Click here for testimonials.

Her HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® products and the Holistic Wellness Coaching vision, approach, and methods are enhanced by applied experience in diverse settings and over 20 years of education. Her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin (UT) in Human Ecology with an emphasis on the psychology of interpersonal communication qualify her as an expert in the fields of developmental psychology and behavioral dynamics.  Trained to conduct quantitative research by top in field professors and pioneers in the field of interpersonal relationships, her cutting edge comprehensive holistic wellness self-assessment and corresponding online curriculum facilitate the optimal balance of self and other focus by empowering individuals as they overcome unconscious patterns of narcissism and codependence to achieve well-being and relationship fulfillment.


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